How to use a progress bar🔗

We recommend using a progress bar so that participants can monitor their progress throughout the survey. This can be especially useful in longer surveys, so that participants can estimate how much more there is left to do. If you are using a program without a back arrow option, you could use the public program ("update progress bar - public") to display progress throughout the survey. If you use a back arrow option in your survey, please see this section for tips on how to modify the progress bar.

Multiple subprograms: If you are using multiple subprograms, remember that the progress bar should include information on the participant's rate of completion of the entire survey. If you use an individual progress bar within one subprogram that progresses to 100% by the completion of that subprogram, then when the participant progresses to the next set of questions, they may become frustrated if they then see their progress decrease from 100% to 0% or some other percentage.

Back button: If you are using a *back button, please see this section for tips on how to show participants their rate of progress through the program.