Welcome to the documentation for GuidedTrack! GuidedTrack is a new and unique system that makes it extremely easy for you to create your own web applications, accessible via a web browser or smart phone. Learning the GuidedTrack language is quick and easy, even if you've never programmed before in your life. Total novices can make quizzes, surveys, and online experiments in a matter of minutes, and can learn to make training programs and self-help applications in mere hours.

There are three main sections of this site:

  1. The GuidedTrack Manual explains the basics of working with GuidedTrack. It describes all of the features available in GT and gives simple, straightforward examples for using them. We recommend that newcomers to GuidedTrack check out the manual first.
  2. The Research Guide describes best practices for using GT to run studies, experiments, and surveys in social science contexts. It gives lots of hard-won advice for things like: how to avoid biasing answer options in web-based surveys, how to recruit participants through tools like Positly, how to make surveys more user-friendly, and so on.
  3. The Function & Keyword API gives the raw list of available functions, variables, keywords, etc., and their syntaxes.

Prefer to learn from video tutorials? Check out our intro video that gets you started with GuidedTrack in 10 minutes.