The Research Guide: a handbook for creating studies, experiments, and surveys🔗

Welcome to this guide for using GuidedTrack for research! If you're new to GuidedTrack, we recommend checking out the manual first. This guide is for users who are already familiar with the basics of how to use GuidedTrack and who are ready to sharpen their skills in designing high-quality studies, experiments, and surveys, especially in a social science context.


If you're a GuidedTrack (GT) user [1] planning your first (or next) online study, survey, or experiment, we hope that you'll find this guide a useful summary of some of the GT features that are most helpful for rigorous and participant-friendly data collection. Whether you work in social science, psychology, or marketing, the tips in this guide will help you to:

  • Pass participant data between different platforms and multi-part studies/surveys,
  • Recruit and reimburse study participants,
  • Design user-friendly studies, and
  • Maximize the quality of your research.

How to know whether this guide is for you🔗

This guide is for you if you:

  • Already know how to use GuidedTrack,
  • Want to run a survey, study, or questionnaire, and
  • Want our advice on how to best use GuidedTrack to run the survey, study, or questionnaire you have in mind.

We hope that this will be useful for people who study or work in social science, psychology, marketing, or any other context in which you want to collect information from people.

How to read this guide🔗

This guide doesn't need to be read in order. Please feel free to skip to the sections that seem most relevant to you!

Please get in touch if you have feedback or tips to share!🔗

We hope that these tips will help you to make the most of studies, surveys and experiments in GuidedTrack. Please let us know if you found this useful, or if there are any points we need to make clearer or improve!

If you've already started creating surveys in GuidedTrack, and if you have tips to share with other users, please get in touch with us to share them!

Sections of the Guide🔗

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[1] GuidedTrack (GT) has been designed to make online data collection as intuitive, efficient, and flexible as possible, but it still requires some preliminary learning. If you are just getting started with using GT, we recommend saving this page for later. Before optimizing your survey design, it's best to start with the basics: taking the GT tour, reading the manual, and creating and playing with test programs as you go. But if you've already read the manual and you're now planning your first (or next) GT survey or experiment, then this guide is for you.