How to screen for your survey/study🔗

If you need to limit your participant pool to people with specific characteristics, there are a few different ways you can seek out those people. For example, you could:

  • Use Positly to filter for particular participants:
    • When setting up a study run, in the "Participants" tab, click "Add new filter" and select the filters you'd like to use.
  • Create a screening survey to recruit eligible participants.
    • Once you've run the screening survey, you then have the option to:
      • redirect participants straight to the follow-up survey,
      • provide participants with a link to the next survey, or...
      • assign eligible participants a custom attribute in Positly, then target participants with that custom attribute by using it as a filter for your follow-up survey.
    • Please refer to the next sections (here and here) for further details on the above points.

If you are running a study using a paid participant pool, then participants must be paid for their participation in any screening surveys, even if they don't qualify for the follow-up study.

Note: Screening out participants prior to participation in a study is different from excluding them from analyses after they have participated in a full study. The exclusion of participants after they have completed a whole study is not considered a form of screening since the participants have still completed the full study and are being excluded from analyses after data collection has been completed. If you include some quality-check and/or comprehension-check questions in your study, and you decide to exclude some people from your full study based on failed comprehension or quality checks, you will, of course, still need to pay them for the time spent on that survey. For more information on comprehension checks, please see here and here.