How to progress from a screening/initial to a full/follow-up survey🔗

The following flow-chart summarizes how you can plan the way you can progress from a screening to a full/follow-up survey.

How to progress from a screening initial to a full follow up survey (1)

If you design an activity where a follow-up survey is separate from your main GT program, two typical options for having users complete the follow-up are (1) emailing a link to the follow-up survey to them, or (2) providing the link to the follow-up survey in the main program. However, there is another option available in MTurk or Positly (when recruiting MTurk participants, but not when recruiting Cint participants): you can use custom attributes. For those participants who have completed your screening survey and who qualify for the follow-up study, you can assign them custom attributes, then use those custom attributes as selection criteria for the follow-up study. (Note that a downside associated with this option is that not all participants will necessarily see the next task on MTurk/Positly.)