How to collect demographic variables via Positly🔗

Positly is an online platform that allows you to recruit, screen, survey, message, re-target, and compensate participants from a single dashboard. If you choose to use it to run your study, there are some demographic variables that it collects for you. This is done via query string parameters: when you enter the URL of your GuidedTrack program, Positly adds some variables as query string parameters that get stored in the CSV. This enables you to automatically collect basic demographic information when you run your GuidedTrack surveys through the platform. Below, you'll find a list of the basic demographic variables that are automatically collected through Positly, at least for U.S.-based participants (along with the associated variable code names — as you'll see them appear in the data CSV — in brackets):

  • age ("age")
  • gender ("gender")
  • income ("householdIncome")
  • education level ("education")
  • participant identification ("participantID")

Note that Positly also allows recruitment of participants outside the U.S., and the variables that are collected can vary between countries.