Incorporating Customized Variables into URLs: How to use query string parameters to keep track of participants' details across multiple surveys🔗

Here are the simple steps you can go through to include a customized URL that passes values into another Guidedtrack program (that is either linked to at the end of a survey or in an email that you send to participants):

  1. Copy the publication link for the follow-up survey to which you plan to redirect participants.
  2. At the end of the link, add a question mark ("?") followed by the name of the variable that belongs to the follow-up survey that you want to pre-specify (e.g., "participantID"), followed by an equals sign, then the name of the variable that you want to use from the original survey, enclosed in curly brackets (e.g., "{participantID}").
  3. If you're going to include more than one pre-specified variable, add an ampersand ("&") after the first variable specification, then specify the next variable. For example:


    So, for instance, it might look like this:{participantID}&programID={programIDCollectedFromFirstSurvey}