How and when to share and publish your survey🔗

Check the access settings prior to publishing: Make sure the survey settings are either "normal" or "public," not "restricted."

When should I complete the "preview mode" and when should I use the run link?

  • If you and/or your collaborators wish to review the survey without your data appearing in the datafile CSV, complete the survey in preview mode.
  • If you or others complete the survey in preview mode, but later wish to use the data from that run, simply go to the "Data" tab and switch the relevant run from "test" to "data."
  • Whenever you know in advance that you'll want a set of responses to be treated as data, we recommend providing people with the run link.
    • If you only have the preview link (e.g., due to being a collaborator instead of an owner of a GuidedTrack program) and you want to get the run link, note that the run link is identical to the preview link except for the last word — simply replace "preview" with "run" to get the run link.