When to use the *confirm keyword for a multiple-choice question🔗

As a general rule, we recommend not using the *confirm keyword, as this creates an additional click that participants need to perform before progressing to each new question. If you want participants to be able to change their responses, we recommend including the *back button instead. To do this, keep in mind that both your program and its subprograms will need to include the following line at the top:

	*back: yes

The main context in which the *confirm keyword might be useful would be in the context of comprehension checks. If you have a question where participants will be automatically excluded based on a single incorrect answer, then you might want to use the *confirm keyword to ensure they aren't at risk of being excluded after accidentally clicking an answer they didn't mean to click.

The *confirm keyword is also useful when you have a critically important question that you need to make sure the person answers carefully (e.g., because saying the wrong thing would significantly compromise data integrity).