How to code questions where participants must provide numerical responses🔗

When asking a question that requires a numerical response, make sure to use *type: number so that participants can only submit numerical responses in the box. Also, consider using *after or *before to make it extremely clear what should be typed in the box (for example, what unit the response should be in).

Good numerical response examples🔗

Here are some good examples of numerical responses that include the units:

*question: What is your weight in pounds?
	*type: number
	*after: pounds

*question: Roughly how much money (in U.S. dollars) did you make last week from your main source of income?
	*type: number
	*before: $

Bad numerical response examples🔗

Here are some bad examples of questions requesting numerical responses without specifying the units:

*question: What is your weight?
	*type: number

*question: What is the temperature outdoors right now where you live?

In the examples above, participants are not given any instructions as to what units to use when reporting their answers.