How to ensure that a participant meant to leave a *multiple question blank🔗

In questions that allow a text response, adding the *multiple keyword allows participants to enter as many separate answers as they like. However, it also allows them to leave no response at all! Therefore, if you'd like to check if a respondent mistakenly clicked "Submit" without actually responding the way they intended, you can simply check the size of the answer variable you stored and present them with a question about it if they didn't answer anything. For example:

*label: listingAllergies

*question: Please list any allergies you have.
	*save: allergies

*if: allergies.size = 0
	*question: Are you sure you don't have any allergies to list?
		Yes. Let's move on.
			*program: medicationsScreen
			OK. Please list the allergies you forgot!
			*goto: listingAllergies