Resetting a User's Run Manually🔗

So long as the "Reset everything" option is in the hamburger menu (≡), as explained above, users can restart your program from the very beginning on their own.

However, there may be special cases where you want to reset their run for them, giving them a clean slate (such as if the "Reset everything" option is not in the menu but a user made a mistake somewhere and needs to start over).

In such scenarios, you can give user a special URL they can click on to reset their run:

Just replace "ProgramKeyForTheProgram" with the numeric/letter ID associated with your program (the one that is at the end of the run URL), and replace "URLToRedirectToAfterResetting" with the URL they should end up on once the reset is complete.

Alternatively, this can be done in JavaScript in the HTML for embedding programs (e.g. activated using *trigger) with the JavaScript code:

window.location.href = jQuery("#rerun").attr("href")

A third way to reset a run is to use the following code in the devTools console, which could be handy if you want to reset your own run in an embedded program where the GuidedTrack source program is unknown or hard to locate:

window.location.href = jQuery("#rerun").attr("href")