Enabling version control is a great idea for programs that will need live updates while multiple people are taking them (over multiple days). It ensures that the program version people began with will be the version they continue with indefinitely, so that new changes you've made don't accidentally make a muck of their progress.

Here's the scenario: You have this amazing program that allows people to track the firmness, dexterity, sweat control, and length of their handshakes. You think it'll greatly help people master the art of a truly impeccable digit delivery. You anticipate that people will use your program over the course of several weeks as their limp noodles firm up.

Here's the thing, within a couple weeks you have a few hundred palm perfectors, but you've thought of a new handshaking aspect you'd like for people to be able to track - the webby-to-webby touch. However, if you just throw in new changes to your program now, it could disrupt the progress of the people currently in the program (perhaps they wouldn't have important variables from your revised intro quiz, or their current place in the program could have disappeared). That's where version control comes in.

By going to Versioning from the Settings tab, you can set the version to be "Consistent" for active users as opposed to "Always latest":

Versioning (1)

As GuidedTrack advances further, there will be an option to safely migrate your existing users to the new version, but for now, this is your best bet to ensure complete smoothness as your program reaches new heights.