Standard Date/Time Questions🔗

Standard Date Time Questions (1)

When you want to ask your users questions about dates, times, or both, you can use the calendar question.

By default, adding *type: calendar beneath a question will produce both a date and time feature:

*question: What was the exact moment of your birth?
	*tip: Be exact
	*type: calendar

If you'd rather just ask a time (and not a date):

*question: What time did you have breakfast?
	*type: calendar
	*time: yes

Or a date, but not a time:

*question: When would you like to schedule your next lobotomy?
	*type: calendar
	*date: yes

You just set your preference by adding *date: yes or *time: yes. Or, if you'd rather, you can add just a date question by adding *time: no, or add a time question by adding *date: no. As long as you communicate what you do want with a "yes" or don't want with a "no," you'll be all set.

You can use other question-related keywords with this question type as well, such as *tip, *save, and even *default.