Clearing the Screen🔗

blank, remove, hide

The *clear keyword allows you to clear the screen of everything on it. For example, you can have a program like this:

You'll now have 10 seconds to find the butterflies in this image.


*wait: 10.seconds


*question: How many butterflies were there?

In this sample program, once the timer is up the instructions and the image is cleared from the screen and the user only sees the question, "How many butterflies were there?"

The *clear keyword operates much differently from creating a page break using *question or *button. With these latter options, the user has to click a button in order to proceed to a new screen. With *clear, the screen clears automatically.

Note: Without the *wait keyword in place in this sample program, the user would not ever see the instructions and image as the clear would occur immediately. The user would only see the question. In most cases, you'll want to use the *clear keyword after a *wait, unless you're using it to clear maintained text.