Comment Lines🔗

notes, hidden

The third type of line in a GT program is a comment. Comments are merely for taking notes, which someone reading your GT text file can see later. They don't alter what the program does. You can use comments to record things you want to remember about your program, give instructions to other people who read the GT file, etc. Comments are written as follows:

--this is a comment. It's just for developers to read.

Text, keywords and comments can all be used in the same GT program. For instance:

Lose hope, all ye who enter here!
--We'll have to add more content here later.
Hi there, funny bones!

▶ Run

When run, this program displays the text "Lose hope, all ye who enter here!". The comment line does nothing (since it merely acts like a note). Then the keyword *quit causes the run to exit immediately (so "Hi there, funny bones!" will never get shown to the user).