Sharing a Run URL that Begins at a Custom *label 🔗

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You may have a reason for starting some new users further along in your program. If so, you can give users a custom link to your program that includes the *label of where they should begin.

For example, let's say you have a training program that teaches basic and advanced skills in hobby-horsing, the dramatic trending sport where (mostly) young girls leap over hurdles and gallop around tight corners, all while skillfully controlling a wooden stick attached to a stuffed horse head. You know that some of your users will be of a more advanced skill level, and therefore will need to skip the kiddy stuff.

After the beginner lessons in jumps, dressage, and keeping your hobby-horse well-groomed, you've added a *label: advancedTechniques just before the extreme stuff begins. To provide professional users a link that will automatically start them there, you'd simply add the following to the end of your URL: #advancedTechniques

Users clicking that link will start at *label: advancedTechniques instead of the beginning.

As another example, let's say there's a menu at the beginning of your program, and you'd like returning users (those who have already started the program at least once) to begin at *label: mainmenu instead of wherever they may have left off. You can easily share a link to your program that's something like this: #mainmenu

The *label /URL parameter trick only works for a *label that's within your starting program; it won't work for a program that's linked to within your program using *program .